E-750 Transformer Transport

Easily Move Pole Mount Transformers from Truck to Pole!

PowerPusher’s E-750 Transformer Transport safely and easily moves loads up to 1000 lbs.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve safety and efficiency by eliminating ergonomic challenges of manual transport
  • Spill containment tray for leakage from old transformers
  • Electric, silent motor with zero emissions
  • Runs 5 miles on one charge at speeds up to 4 mph
  • Fits through 32” openings, easy on lawns
  • Quickly transition to the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow with Quick Change Attachments
  • Standard and Ergonomic Handle options

Width: 31-1/2 inches
Height: 38-1/4 inches
Length: 68-1/2 inches
Load Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Speed: 4 mph
Electrical: (2) 12-Volt Rechargeable Group 27 Deep Cell Marine Batteries
Battery Charger: On-Board, 3-Stage, 2×10 Amp Circuits
Standard Tires: Foam-Filled
Overall Weight: E-750  & Transport Bed 575 lbs.
Tray Width 30-1/2 inches
Tray Length 38 inches
Tray Height 3 inches

Standard Handle

Ergo Handle