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The Power Pusher E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow is designed to safely and easily transport loads weighing up to 1000 pounds. Available with a galvanized steel tub or heavy-duty, high-density poly tub, the wheelbarrow improves safety and efficiency by eliminating ergonomic challenges and unnecessary production delays that are associated with manually operated wheelbarrows. Designed to minimize strain, the E-750 provides push-button powered dump capability. It is the perfect piece of equipment for construction, demolition, landscape, farms and more with multiple standard and custom attachments available.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with standard heavy-duty, high-density poly tub or a galvanized steel tub to handle diverse material- handling applications, several other attachments are also available
  • The motor, powered by “2” 12-Volt Rechargeable Group 27 Deep Cycle Marine Batteries, can run five-miles on one charge
  • Hauling up to 1000 pounds increases production
  • Operating at speeds up to 4-miles-per-hour improves efficiency
  • A silent motor with no emissions is suitable for indoor or outdoor use fitting through standard doors
  • Bed capacity up to 12 cubic feet allows the hauling of large loads in one pass
  • Power dump feature allows users to eject materials with the push of a button on the control panel
  • Durable, reliable construction is suitable for rocks, bricks, sand and concrete, fertilizer, sod, soil, mulch, construction debris, feed, hay and many other materials
  • Foam filled tires, never go flat
  • Multiple standard and custom quick change attachments available