Quick Change Attachments

Need to add versatility to your Electric Wheelbarrow?

  • All E-750 Wheelbarrows are designed so that you can use the base machine throughout the duration of the project. This is achieved through our unique Quick-Change attachment system.
  • Start with moving heavy material with the Galvanized Steel Tub, then by removing two quick release pins you can take the steel tub off and put on the Slurry Tub
  • Now that you have the slurry tub on, the concrete Concrete Funnel Cap Attachment will slide right on for concrete pours.
  • Done with your concrete pour? Pull the two pins and replace the concrete tub with the Flat Bed for moving in block, boxes of tile, thin-set, tools or any other materials that require a flat surface.
  • Flat Bed (2 sizes)
    • Short 31″ wide x 38″ long
    • Long 31″wide x 48″ long
  • Why buy multiple machines when the E-750 can help you save labor and increase safety throughout the whole project.